Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ceremonies

For your marriage to be legal, you require a celebrant or officiant who is legally authorised/licensed to solemnise your marriage.
Would choosing a friend instead of a professional celebrant to conduct your wedding ceremony be a good option for you?  Everything you need to consider - and how you can have the best of both worlds ...
There are a number of situations where you might choose to have someone close to you officiate your wedding ceremony, but that person is not an experienced celebrant or officiant, and/or not licensed to marry you
  • You are getting married in a place where it is legal for a friend or family member to obtain a one-day license to marry you, but your friend lacks the experience to create the ceremony
  • You plan to legally marry in the most basic way, but have a symbolic, non-legal wedding ceremony at a later date
  • You planned to legally marry overseas, but have since discovered how complicated that is so have decided to marry quietly and legally at home, either before or after your wedding
  • You plan to have a symbolic wedding ceremony overseas but language differences preclude you hiring a local celebrant/officiant
  • You plan to have a symbolic wedding ceremony overseas but do not wish to pay a celebrant/officiant to travel with you
  • You plan to have a symbolic wedding ceremony overseas but have discovered that visa conditions for bringing an experienced celebrant with you are difficult.
If any of the above apply, I will create a unique wedding ceremony for you, complete with vows that express your personal commitment. If the person leading the ceremony is licensed to legally marry you, I will ensure that the ceremony complies with the relevant legal requirements  I base the ceremony on information you provide through completing a Ceremony Workbook. The ceremony may also include readings and/or a simple ritual.