Renewal of Vows

To reaffirm your marriage vows or your commitment vows is to say "I still do" to your spouse or partner. The ceremony allows you to celebrate your relationship and to revisit the vows that form the basis for your commitment to each other. Either privately, or before family and friends you affirm that your choice was a good one and that you are sticking to it.

While most couples choose to have an officiated renewal of vows ceremony conducted by a professional celebrant, this is not always possible and where you want a very private ceremony, not appropriate. Where you choose to conduct the ceremony yourselves or have a close family member or friend lead the ceremony, I offer a script-only service to ensure that your celebration of your marriage is a satisfying one.

A reaffirmation of vows ceremony is typically held on a significant anniversary, however, it can be held at any time to reaffirm your commitment to your marriage or life partnership and to restate or add new promises to your vows. I encourage couples to renew their vows often, as a private and romantic expression of their ongoing commitment, in a addition to the more usual celebration of a significant anniversary in the presence of family and friends.

As one of South East Queensland's most creative marriage celebrants I am expert at creating personal and very romantic renewal of vows ceremonies. I take as much trouble with script-only ceremonies as I do with those at which I officiate.

There are two main types of renewal of vows ceremony:
  • Renewal of Vows held as part of a celebration with family and friends
  • A private renewal of vows for a couple that wishes to recommit to their marriage or partnership as a private and very romantic experience
Either can be held in conjunction with a significant anniversary. A private renewal of vows can also be held every anniversary, on your 'monthiversary' 12 times a year, or whenever, or as a healing after experiencing a rough patch.

Where a couple's children or friends may wish to surprise them with a wonderful celebration, this surprise can incorporate the gift of choice - either renew their vows then and there, or have the pleasure of working privately through the process for a renewal at a later stage.

We liked the fact that our answers from the workbook were incorporated into the ceremony. The ceremony was well-written and we could tell that a lot of time and effort was put into it which we appreciated.