Do-It-Yourself Elder Celebrations

There are numerous occasions when, as a family or a group of friends, we honour mature loved ones.
  • To mark retirementt
  • To mark significant birthdays
  • To mark the anniversary of a notable date or event
  • To celebrate the life of an older person in their presence (sometimes called a Living Funeral or Liferal)
Any birthday celebration has ceremonial aspects. We make toasts, we sing Happy Birthday, we serve a special cake, we invited the person celebrating the birthday to make a wish and blow out candles.

With fractured working lives, multiple "careers" and multiple employers, we can no longer rely on the employer to celebrate an individual's retirement from paid work with a ceremonial presentation of a gold watch.

We might privately mark the anniversary of a notable date. Very often these commemorate survival (for example, reaching the 10th anniversary of a cancer diagnosis).

And, when a loved one dies, we celebrate the life of that person with a funeral ceremony, often regretting not having told him or her how much she influenced others.

A carefully prepared ceremony, given as a gift, or organised for oneself, can add immensely to the occasion.

The ceremony will be purpose-written for you and based on information you provide through completing a Ceremony Workbook.

You will be provided with a beautifully presented keepsake copy of the ceremony suitable for reading from on the day.