Do-It-Yourself Divorce Ceremonies

While couples formalise their relationship with ceremony through a Marriage or Commitment Ceremony or Civil or Holy Union, for most married couples the dissolution of the relationship happens with no ceremony to mark the transition.

A formal Divorce Ceremony or End of Relationship Ceremony marks the end of a relationship with ceremony.  Where the ceremony is caringly and sensitively developed by a skilled celebrant/officiant, it offers a formal way of acknowledging the end of a significant relationship. However, celebrants skilled in divorce ceremonies are few and far between. You may also prefer this ceremony to be a very private one, involving just you, your children, and perhaps one or two close family members or friends who have supported you through this difficult transition.

As one of South East Queensland's most experienced divorce ceremony celebrants I am expert at creating personal divorce ceremonies which enable you to acknowledge the past, express your continuing commitment to parenting, and claim your individual paths into the future. I take as much trouble with script-only ceremonies as I do with those at which I officiate.

Each ceremony is purpose written and very personal. The ceremony gives you the opportunity to acknowledge the past, to release the past and formally release yourself and each other from the relationship, and to declare your independence. The ceremony promotes acceptance and paves the way for the future for both parties as independent and whole persons, not half of a couple. It will also reflect the type of ceremony you have chosen.
  • Divorce Ceremony (couple)
  • Divorce Ceremony (individual)
  • End of Relationship (couple)
  • End of Relationship (couple)
While your Divorce Ceremony or End of Relationship Ceremony can include elements of "uncommitment" but it is not, per se, the reverse of your Marriage or  Commitment Ceremony. Because the ceremony includes statements of commitment to any children of the relationship it can calm their fears and absolve them from the feelings of guilt children so often feel by helping them understand that while their parents have agreed not to live together they are loved by both parents.

You will be provided with a beautifully presented keepsake copy of the ceremony for each participating partner. This copy is suitable for reading from on the day.