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Do-It-Yourself Ceremonies

... making it easy for you to have a ceremony that is professionally created, tailored to you and to the occasion, that you can lead yourself, or have a trusted friend or family member lead, saving you the cost of have a celebrant attend on the day.


In most countries the only ceremony at which a legally authorised celebrant (officiant) is required is a legal marriage. For all other ceremonies it is legal to lead the ceremony yourself.

While engaging a professional celebrant (officiant) for other rites of passages or significant occasions has distinct benefits, a Do-It-Yourself Ceremony may be the right choice for you where
  • a professional celebrant is not available in your location
  • your prefer to lead the ceremony yourselves
  • you would like a close family member or friend to lead your ceremony
  • you prefer the intimacy of a Do-It-Yourself ceremony
  • you would like a unique, expertly created ceremony that will flow well, but without the expense of having a celebrant deliver it
Where you choose to conduct the ceremony yourselves, or have a close family member or friend lead you through the ceremony, to help you ensure that the ceremony is a satisfying one I offer a very affordable script-only service for

As a skilled and creative celebrant with significant experience in writing (and presenting) ceremonies I am totally committed to ensuring that your ceremony is everything you hope for - and more. Therefore you can be confident that the script you receive will

  • flow logically
  • express your feelings
  • incorporate your choices
  • impress your guests

You will be provided with a beautifully presented keepsake copy of the ceremony suitable for reading from on the day.

I also provide a vow-writing service - a simple solution when you know what you want to promise, but don't quite know how to put your vow together.